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Right now on eBay
Universal horn fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and others
Clutch adjusting bracket, fits Whizzer , Cruzzer & others
Whizzer Electric ?  Regulator ? or  Relay ? Flasher
$325.0 - 1 bid
Whizzer Aluminum Dual Exhaust Manifold for Original Whizzers
Cruzzer ,high preformance cam ,fits Whizzer
Simple main wiring harness for whizzer WC1 and earlier NE5 motorbikes
Starter Motor fits 2008 whizzer NER-Ambassador motorbikes
original whizzer clutch lever
Buy: $40.0
Cruzzer Chain guard , fits Whizzer Repro's
Whizzer Motorbike 1999 parts manual ( used )
Speedometer Drive fits-Cruzzer, Whizzer & Motorbike
Buy: $20.0
Strait Seat Post-Fits Cruzzer, Whizzer, & Motorbike
Buy: $15.0
New Whizzer Ambassador Chrome Rear Handle with Reflector
New Whizzer Moped Motorcycle Chrome Metal Tail Light Bracket
New Whizzer Motorbike Chrome Battery Cover
Whizzer Motorbike Chrome Right Hand Round Mirror
Whizzer Motorbike Chrome Exhaust Shield with Hardware / Gasket
New Whizzer Motorbike Black Battery Cover with Chrome Logo
Whizzer Motorbike Hi-Lift Camshaft
Whizzer Motorbike Taillight Lens
Two New Whizzer Motorbike Clutch Cables
Whizzer Motorbike Headlight Lens with Reflector
Carter Model N Carburetor Marked 2591S K-7 Whizzer? Kohler?
Pedal pair with 1/2" threads fits whizzer WC1-NE5 pedal crank and bicycles
Chrome speedometer fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and motorized bicycles
Keihin PZ, PTF carburetor repair kit fit Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes
Seat Reflector Fits- Cruzzer, Whizzer & Motorbike
Buy: $3.95
Buy: $6500.0
Speedometer kit fits Cruzzer whizzer and motorized bicycles
Whizzer motorbike H J 300 Sportsman coil cover Best I've had !! with screws
Auto Centrifugal Clutch fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and others
i Love Whizzer STICKERS Heart DECAL VINYL BUMPER CARS Truck Locker Notebook
Buy: $4.25
Fender tip set fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and motorized bicycles
Motorbike Frame , fits Whizzer , CRUZZER
Whizzer Tank Top Instruction Decal. Early Style. 1946-up. Best Quality On Ebay.
Buy: $11.25
RH control fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and motorized bicycles
WC1 throttle cable fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and others
Compression release cable fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and others
Schwinn / Whizzer special speedrive gear kit with original packing & instruction
Valve lifters set fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and others
Whizzer motorbike leather seat in fair condition
WHIZZER REAR WHEEL DRIVE BELT PULLEY model D E F H J 300 Sportsman Ambassador
WHIZZER ENGINE OIL DIPSTICK model D E F H J 300 Sportsman Ambassador 700
Fork seal dust covers , fit Whizzer motorbike
Piston set fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbike engines
Hot Whizzer Classic Motorcycles Logo Sport WristWatch
Chrome Clutch & Brake ,L & R Levers fit Whizzer
Whizzer Handlebar Control Switches Left + Right  Side w Levers
Whizzer  Air Filter ONE
Whizzer Wheel Spokes AC-212
Whizzer Brake Light Switch 35345
Whizzer Emblem Thick Decal peel + stick style
Whizzer Emblem
Whizzer Tail Light Bulb Tailight bulb Brake light   sale is for 2
Whizzer Rear Fender Blue
Whizzer Reflector (2)  Red
Rear Disc Brake Kit fits Cruzzer, Whizzer & Motorbike
Buy: $142.0
Whizzer CDI
Whizzer  Gas filter 7762
Tachometer fits whizzer , Cruzzer
Speedometer fits Cruzzer , Whizzer & others
head light bulb fits Whizzer , Cruzzer, others
Rear shocks , fit Whizzer  Ambassador, rat bike, motorcycles,
Exhaust pipe fits new and old Whizzer
Breather vent tube , fits Whizzer, Cruzzer & others
Stainless Steel fender tips( 3) Fit New Whizzer + Bicycle
coil wire & plug wire , fits Whizzer and Cruzzer motorbikes
Vintage Carbureter Parts Catalog Book Chevy Willys Clinton Martin Whizzer Others
Speedometer cable fits Whizzer, Cruzzer & Motorbike
Buy: $19.95
Antique Hand Push Plunger  Horn Motorcycle Bicycle Indian Harley Whizzer --Works
. Engine mount kit fits Cruzzer, Whizzer, & Motorbike
Buy: $48.95
Whizzer gas tank clamps ( repro Tank )
tail light wire cover , fits whizzer , Cruzzer
Rear wheel , fits whizzer, Cruzzer and others. 26"
Whizzer Ambassador owners manual , NOS
Rear sheave spacers set fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and others
Whizzer Fuel Gas Tank 1947 1948 1950  Sportsman Schwinn Vintage/Modern H-Motor
Buy: $129.95
Chrome exhaust pipe fits Cruzzer whizzer WC1-NE5 motorbikes
Headlight , fits new CRUZZER , Whizzer , Polar, Pacemaker & others
Whizzer Gas Tank, gas cap, petcock, mounting straps, original, vintage, antique
Right handlebar control , fits Whizzer Ambassadors & others
Compression release valve ,fits Whizzer & others
Exhaust manifold heat shield fits Cruzzer whizzer WC1-NE5 motorbikes
valve cover , fits a WHIZZER motorbike
Vintage Zenith Sediment Bowl Fuel Filter Assembly  Whizzer, Hit-or-Miss Engine
Buy: $17.49
I Would Rather Be Riding My Whizzer Motorcycle License Plate : RSA-LP-WH
Buy: $16.99
Maremont  * (NEW) * The Whizzer ~ CUT OFF WHEEL ~ Model 95152
Buy: $55.95
Voltage regulator , fits Whizzer, Cruzzer,& others
Disc Brake ( rear ) fits Cruzzer & Whizzer motorbike
Engine side plate , fits CRUZZER , whizzer & others
Universal Speedometer kit fits- Cruzzer, Whizzer & Motorbike
Buy: $45.0
24" Cruzzer or Whizzer tires WW.
NOS Hall-Detroit Bike ZO Tail /Brake Light W/License Bracket  Whizzer Motorbike
Whizzer Motor Bike Engine for Parts or Repair Vintage
1.8 Gallon gas tank kit fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and motorized bicycles
Speedometer cable fits Cruzzer whizzer motorbikes and motorized bicycles
Whizzer Motorbike WC1 main Wiring Harness CDI Ignition NE5
Buy: $39.95
Fuel line filter fits Whizzer & Cruzzer and others